Here I am

My name is Manet,

Originally from Sydney, now a global trotter. I'm a creative with years of design, social media and client servicing experience behind me. Currently searching for the next project to obsess over.

The thread that seems to run through my clients is that they are passion-driven and seeking change. The walls of the mundane are crumbling. I have been trusted with their vision for their projects and in part, the future of their businesses. I don't take this kind of responsibility lightly. I am honoured that I get to soak up a little bit of their dream-chasing energy while I work with them.

What do I do? With qualifications in design and media, I'm an expert in digital brand presentation. I can assist with your brand, logo, social content, templates and publications. I treat all service solutions bespoke to the business' needs and their respective industry.

Much like a dragonfly, I may zip ideas around, but when I linger I do it purposefully.

If you think you are ready to take the plunge in a new direction, feel free to ramble to me over the phone, or over a coffee.

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